New Sculpture in progress: A portrait of Vincent Van Gogh

with blue water running from his ear and falling onto a sort of pyramid of ears.

Thie piece is a remake of a sculpture I made in 1997 that was destroyed.

The water gets recycled.

The Water pump is triggered by a motion detector.

Dated: 2 January 2012


Vince progress


"Public Farter " height 20cm 1 December 2011

napkin drawing



drawing dated 20 November 2011

No Man is an Island {except this guy.}

Studio pic November 2011

Studio pic November 2011


Truman as a puppy

The cloud thing continues

Big Cloud

telephone doodle

" Love Knot"


Studio pic November 2011


28 december 2011

"The real me/you"

The plan is to make this drawing into a silicone sculpture that crawls along.




Lost Dog


"Breathing Pup" concept animation for kinetic sculpture

"Feed the mouth so that the eyebrows can grow"

"Sick Boy"

A set of toes pretending to be the Titanic.